About To Compel With Armed Force

“[To Compel With Armed Force is] an excellent blend of written history and field instruction.”

–Colonel Lawyn C. Edwards, Combat Studies Institute

To Compel With Armed Force is a book for anyone who wants to learn more about the Battle of Tippecanoe. The book examines the Tippecanoe campaign and battle. It breaks key factors down in a way that allows readers to glean lessons that remain relevant for Military Art & Science today. To Compel With Armed Force outlines a unique and engaging way to study history.

151st Infantry Staff Ride

151st Infantry Staff Ride During the Battle’s 200th Anniversary Celebration

Even though the book was written for US Army education programs, it has been used by a variety of organizations. Most notably, the book played a prominent role during the 200th anniversary celebration of the battle. The Tippecanoe County Historical Association staff ride team, Senior ROTC Cadets, members of the 151st Infantry Regiment, and living history participants were all using To Compel With Armed Force.