This is a PowerPoint presentation that is based off of a lecture by the author to the Allen County – Fort Wayne Historical Society on November 3, 2013. The presentation, part of the George R. Mather Lecture Series, was entitled “Fighting it out along the Wabash: Harrison, Tecumseh, and the Shawnee Prophet.” The lecture placed the battle into the context of American expansion and the War of 1812. It concluded with a description of using Geographic Information System technology for historical analysis.

The version provided for download is tailored for the Battle of Tippecanoe. It can be used as a stand alone presentation or it can be modified to meet the specific needs of a presentor. Notes are included in the presentation. Some of the notes specify where amplifying information can be found in To Compel With Armed Force.

PowerPoint Cover SlideThe presentation is available for download here: [wpdm_package id=’1506′]

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